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This wearable worked where a fitness tracker failed me

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  Late last year I joined a new gym and got a Samsung Gear Sport to optimize my time doing all the things — running, jumping, picking stuff up, putting stuff down. It was a mistake. Not the gym membership and, generally speaking, not the watch, which is fine. But between using my phone to […]

Gym membership warning as hundreds complain

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Matt Kean said you need to read the small print on your contract very carefully. Picture: Fair Trading

Despite the Christmas guilt you’re feeling after stuffing yourself with too much turkey, you might want to pause for thought before rushing to sign up to a gym. As New Year’s resolution decision time approaches, NSW Innovation and Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean has warned festive revellers they should look closely at the fine print […]

One more reason for ‘walkies’!

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For a fitness initiative that Fido will love, consider the Blue Cross’ Steps for Pets campaign! Raise money for animals as you walk This August, the pet rehoming charity is calling on animal lovers to raise money for poorly and homeless critters by taking on a walking challenge. Set your own daily target – whether […]

Celeb trainers say burpees are a waste of time

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Australian martial arts expert Richard Norton training with Scarlett Johansson. The Johnson brothers suggest boxing instead of burpees to keep the heart rate pumping. Picture: Supplied.

They are the words nearly every person who exercises wants to hear — “burpees are a waste of time”. Brothers Ryan and Eric Johnson, who are the muscle who keep actress Scarlett Johansson looking fit and fabulous, are aware that burpees are not the most enjoyable exercises, even describing it like “adding garbage for the […]

How can I motivate myself to exercise during the winter?

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motivate cold exercise

How can I motivate myself to exercise during the winter?  Dark mornings and evenings, plus cold and wet weather make everyone feel like hibernating! In order to see on-going improvements with your fitness, though, it’s important to stay consistent and the best and longest-lasting results happen when people exercise regularly throughout the year – not […]

Why you should give WWE wrestling a go!

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If you like any of the following: dance, gymnastics, theatre, feats of strength, drama or pantomime, chances are you’ll love wrestling. We know what you’re thinking, and to be honest, we were slightly sceptical about the sport too until we went along to watch WWE’s event at the O2 arena. We assumed that it would […]